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My relationship with music began at the age of 11 when I decided to take the 4-track my older brother had lying around and compose a tune with my drums and a couple of his guitars. It was nothing short of terrible, but it sparked something in me that grew into a dream of creating music for a living. 

Years later, I began producing and engineering bands. I grew to love the process of turning an idea into an experience. But something was missing. I came to realize that music could be much bigger. It could move the heart. It could go to greater depths. But it requires imagery and a compelling story to go along with it.

After hearing a record I produced, my friend Jeff at Lonelyleap Films took a chance and asked me to arrange a piece of music for a commercial he was working on. It was my first paid job and introduction to the process of score writing.

Since then, I’ve been writing music for tv and web ads, short films, documentaries, and more recently, a feature full-length film.

I’ve always had a fascination with the bond between emotion and music. There’s something profound and captivating to me about the freedom that exists within in the world of writing music to motion picture. Music can become larger than life, exist somewhere in the limitless possibilities of the imagination, and at the same time serve a unique and very practical purpose. 

My job is to create musical characters and themes, and tell a story that invites the viewer into a created world in a way that none of the other elements of a film can.