My name is Kevin Matley. I’m a Film Composer and ADDY Award winning Sound Designer living and working in Seattle, Washington.

My passion for music writing began at a young age upon discovering the effects of bringing together music and story. Watching films as a child and being moved by the characters and narrative along with the musical score, cultivated my desire to become a score writer.

Music is my form of communication and it’s the conduit through which I tell my life story and share my experiences that have shaped me into who I am. I believe that much like film, story is the key ingredient in good music writing. When I write to picture, I let the story inform the music so the music can move the story. In the end, if it doesn’t tell the right story, it’s meaningless. If it doesn’t move me, it’s worthless.

I use textures, rhythms, and colors to create vast soundscapes for film. Some of which have been synched with large scale ads for Ferrari, Google, Apple, Instagram, National Geographic, and many others. Additionally, I’ve written music for feature length films, documentaries, and short films, such as The Cage which has won multiple awards including an Oscar qualifying, Grand Prize at Heartland Film Festival.